Welcome, ladies! My name is Quiana LaChe and your journey towards success starts here

It’s All About The Right State Of Mind

I’m here to tell you that any of those negative ideas floating around as to why you can’t succeed and why you’ll never make it are nothing but ideas. Ideas appear and disappear simply by changing your mind.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Girl, you don’t know my problems. I’ve tried everything and all I hit are roadblocks.” I hear you, girlfriend, really I do. But I’m going to counter with a simple “What you need is a brand makeover!”

It might seem like a cliché but the reason you aren’t attracting clients or customers or at least the RIGHT clients or customers is because of lack of proper branding. Without a proper, solid brand your business is just another particle in the wind, bouncing around and eventually disappearing off in the horizon never to be seen or heard from again.

Here’s a simple example: if a firefighter doesn’t know he’s a firefighter how’s he ever supposed to do his job and make people happy? He can’t. He’ll probably end up setting more fires than he puts out. And others won’t want to ask him for help because there’s no trust. I know that may seem like too simple an example but it really is that simple. We need to identify what your business IS and then go about telling others all about it


 Lack of a Proper Brand is the #1 Reason for Business Failure

 That simple gem is what will make you stand out above the competition. And that is what I’m here to do. To get you up to the point where your business will attract the right clients, where sales will pour in on automatic, where customers (fans) will beat down your doors to be serviced and will tell their friends about it


We’ll even go a step further, how about we make your brand so irresistible that others will have to work with you and you’ll be seen as an authority in your niche?


Seems to be good to be true? There go those negative thoughts again, girl! Sounds like you need some empowerment from another ladyprenuer (that’s me). I’m here to be a positive force in your life. To encourage you and work with you to reach out and take hold of your dreams.

I have the personality and experience to be the personal branding coach that you deserve. My unique coaching sessions are designed to put you and your brand on the right track.


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It might just be the best thing you’ve ever done for you and your business.