An Exclusive Community For Creative Entrepreneurial Misfits

Let’s keep it 100. Facebook groups are played the fuck out. Entrepreneurs are creating them with one goal in mind – SALES. They have these extensive ass rules that pretty much translate to, “Don’t post or do anything that’s going to make you look better than me.” I have gladly removed myself from the janky ass groups hosted by people that don’t show up to serve their community because they’re self-serving assholes.

In BRAND BUILD BANK I have 3 very very simple rules:

  1. Don’t promote your group – Like, would you go to someone’s house party and yell, “Heeeyyyy! This party is cool and all, but why don’t you leave here and come kick it at my place!” No? You wouldn’t? Good.
  2. Give value before you try to sell – If you know anything about anything, then you know that there’s no way in hell you’re going to run up in a group that you’re new to, make a sales post, and actually sell anything.
  3. HAVE FUN – Everybody is too damn serious. You can get your hustle on and still have fun (plus I love people that can make me laugh)

This community has experts in everything from sex, relationships, self publishing, branding, ecommerce, client attraction, journaling, fashion, etc. If you want to kick it with a community of game changers, rule breakers, and standard slayers then click the button below.

I saw the group as a really unique yet vital way of building a community and creating relationships with other driven individuals! I wanted to hear expert advice on growing your own business and building your brand, and think it stood for just that from the beginning! So far I have learned how to create engaging video content (and why I should), how to build a recognizable brand, and why being active in a community is fundamental to succeeding 🙂

Tiffany Dingley

Since I have joined the ‘Bossed Up Society Community’ I have felt more motivated, more driven and much more dynamic. I work on my own most of the time so its great to have a little group of folks you can bounce ideas off and chat too. Its early days for the group, I think its got great potential and I would recommend anyone who REALLY wants to make a success of their business to join – ask yourself that question first though as there is no room for bullshitters or timewasters. Please make the most of Quiana & her group – she really cares about people’s success and is rooting for us guys…. Do it now as opportunities to work with people like this don’t last forever….


What can I say about Quiana LaChé? If I had to describe her in one word it would be powerhouse. This girl loves helping women with their businesses. She loves telling it like it is. She has no problem calling you on your shit. She wants to see you succeed and have your dreams. She is for the woman who is tough on herself. She is for the woman who is a creative thinker. She is for the woman who over analyzes everything. She can get into that overly analytical space, pull you out, and get you back on the path to running the race. I know because I am the woman I just described. She has done it for me. She will do it for you!

LaShaun Logan