Clueless To Influence


Stand out in a crowded marketplace without having to run ads, live stream everyday and spend hundreds on graphics and be seen as an authority to your audience

You’re Tired Of Being Fucking Ignored!


It’s okay to say it. No one likes being ignored! You know you’re smart and great at what you do but when you post just about anything… crickets.

But then here comes Sally Sue posting the same kind of things and getting all of the love.


What The French, Toast?!


  • Your confidence is slowly going down the drain as you desperately try to mimic what your favorite online personalities are doing
  • You’re stressed because you worked hard on your offers that NO ONE IS PAYING FOR
  • And now you’re discouraged AS FUCK these new people hit the scene and achieve results you only dream of

 I’ve been there. Posting and getting absolutely NO LOVE, while homegirl over there whom isn’t even as smart as me posts the same thing and a flock of groupies bombard her post. I was doing everything that I was told to do, being super structured, and it did more harm than it did help. My secret? Just being me. Sounds simple … But it’s not.


You Need To Get To Know The Parts Of You That You Didn’t Know Existed


Just saying, “Hey, I’ve got this thing. Buy my shit. Pay attention to ME!” isn’t going to cut it. And it certainly isn’t going to get people to pull out their credit cards like it’s Friday night at Magic City.

 There are thousands, maybe even millions, of entrepreneurs online fighting for a someones’ attention. To get and keep your audience’s attention, you have to be strategic.


Now what if I told you that in 8 weeks, you could:


Unlock the secret to being able to build an audience that drops what they’re doing just to view your content and is first in line to buy your latest product or program


Increase your social copy writing skills so that more people pay attention to you.


Learn how to differentiate yourself from a million other people doing the same thing as you so that buying from is a no-brainer decision.


My 4th (unsolicited) shoutout goes to Quiana LaChe– Branding strategist (and a little bit of a techie nerd) with a heart of gold, and a bucket full of sass.

She’s going to give you the exact butt kicking and sass you need when you become her biz bestie or her client. If you’re looking for a biz bestie who’s going to sass your shoes off, or a branding coach who’s really going to give you the momentum you need as you start your business…



Clueless To Influence


My new 8 week program that teaches you how to create a social influence that turn lurkers into buyers. No bullshit. The first time I ever had someone tell me that they would buy anything I put out just because I’m great – and then proceeded to keep buying my stuff, I knew I had unlocked a special level in this entrepreneurship game.


You think you need to have the perfect logo designed, have a pretty color pallet, design the best website, have an amazing photoshoot, etc before you can really start putting yourself out there because you think people won’t take you seriously if you don’t have all of those things.


You ready for this? At the core of it, nobody cares about all that. How many times have you decided to work with someone simply because you liked their logo?


With Clueless To Influence, you’ll learn how to stop selling yourself short. It’s important that you begin to rewire the way your audience (and yourself) views you.  In this 8 week program, you’ll learn the framework and prepwork I used to build a social influence that helped people to change their lives and businesses.


Clueless To Influence focuses on these three main pillars:


Brand & Messaging

  • Understanding who you are as a brand
  • Finding your unique strengths
  • Using your voice and jargon
  • Discovering your unique selling proposition

Audience Love

  • Getting in front of the right people
  • Finding out what your audience really wants
  • Building the confidence to love your audience
  • Learning how to connect with them on a deeper level

Content That Disrupts

  • How to incorporate your product/service in with the message of your post
  • Various types of posts you can create
  • An outlining method that totally newbies can implement
  • Disrupt the thought pattern of your audience so they pay attention and buy

Hey, I’m Quiana LaChé and just 2 years ago I made the decision to QUIT the network marketing industry. See, I was trusting the “leadership” of my upline to lead me to success. I was told to go into a fancy hotel, stand in the lobby, take a picture, post it on social media, and say that I was staying there for the weekend.


I had felt that what I was being taught was completely wrong, and I was right. I began to study successful female network marketing leaders that didn’t make my skin crawl, and that’s when I became obsessed with personal branding. Through trial and error, I was finally able to crack the code on how to build a personal brand that attracts ideals buyers that buy from you over and over again.

Everything I’m teaching in Clueless To Influence is how I was able to generate thousands of dollars from my small community of just 140 people.

Who Is This For?

Clueless To Influence Is For You If..

This program is for the entrepreneur that want to put themselves out there in a way that is effortless but is holding themselves back because they’ve been following janky advice from coaches that give outdated information.

Who Is This NOT For?

Clueless To Influence Is NOT For You If…

This program is not for the entrepreneur that is operating as a leader to a community of people that trust them and buy from them. This person is perfectly comfortably operating in their truth. They aren’t deceptive and shares useful content with their community.

Here’s What You’ll Find Inside Of Clueless To Influence:


Prep Work For The Next 8 weeks

As soon as you join the program, you’ll receive an email with your login details and the link to our private community.

Prep Work Includes:

checkmarkMy best practices for building a stronger mindset so that you make the most of this program

checkmarkJournaling prompts for you to complete to help you tap into your authentic self

checkmarkAn easy to implement method for setting your goals for this program

Module 1

Who The Fuck Are You?

This week we are going to focus on getting clear on who you really are.

checkmarkIdentify if you’re bridging the gap between your online and offline complexes

checkmarkDo some deep work to identify your natural strengths and weaknesses

checkmarkLearn to love and appreciate the unique traits you possess that will make you an unstoppable force

Module 2

Tell Me What You Want. What You Really Really Want...

 We’ve found out who you really are, and now it’s time to discover your true message, the one thing that you’ll be preaching in all of your content.

checkmarkDiscover the imprint you want to leave in the world

checkmarkFind the important messages you want to convey in your content

checkmarkFinally learn what to say when people ask the infamous “what do you do”

Module 3

Building Your Army Of Skanks

Let’s think about the people that need you. This isn’t going to be the time for you to do some detailed ideal client packet.

checkmarkLearn what to look for in members of your target market that will make them ideal to work with

checkmarkImmediately spot red flag from people gearing up to waste your time

checkmarkCaptivate their hearts and souls so that they trust you as the “expert”

Module 4

Picking Your Stage

This week you’ll finally be selecting the stages you want to stand and deliver your message on.

checkmarkLearn why being everywhere is a horrible decision

checkmarkDecide which platforms you ideally need to be on

checkmarkUnderstand the culture of various platforms so you know how to leverage them

Module 5

Stories That Sell

You’ve got a story to tell and so this week we are going to craft your signature stories.

 checkmarkLearn why becoming a story teller is an important skill to build

checkmarkCreate various brand stories that make people fall in love with you

checkmarkUse a special framework to tell stories that sell for you

Module 6

Keeping Your Street Cred

Stay on top of your industry because your followers will expect you to be the first to know things.

checkmarkEvaluate where you are in terms of information certainty

checkmarkIdentify the areas of knowledge that you need to strengthen

checkmarkFigure out what kind of information is important to your target market

Module 7

Content For The Win

We’re going to be diving into the holy grail of your brand.

checkmarkLearn the difference between “copy” and “content” and the different types of content you can create

checkmarkEstablish which types of content you will commit to creating

checkmarkCreate content that influences your audience to take action

Module 8

Consistency Chronicles

So this week we’re going to pull everything together to get you to create a stress-less consistency plan so that you’re always showing up for the amazing audience that you built.

checkmarkFigure out how much you should actually be posting

checkmarkLearn why less is more and how to not harm your brand with overbearing your audience

checkmarkCraft a daily action plan that doesn’t stress you the fuck out

Total Investment


Once you invest in Clueless To Influence, you’ll begin to transform yourself so that you can stop wondering around these internet streets clueless AF, and start using your natural gifts and talents to influence your tribe to strive for success.

My private 1:1 coaching is $1500, but you can join Clueless To Influence today and work with me at a fraction of the cost. The program has already started and once we get to module 2, the price will increase to $297.









Program Workflow

The course material will be hosted inside of a membership level on the Quiana LaChé site every Sunday evening at 5 pm est. You will be notified via email and the private group of new course material that is published for your viewing.

Every Friday evening, you will be tagged in an accountability post where you’re able to share your homework (you don’t need to literally show us), your wins, or any progress you’ve made during the week. Every wednesday (time to be determined by those in the program), we will meet in the private Facebook group on a live stream for Q&A. Throughout the program I may drop some random challenges to help you beast out some results!

1:1 time will happen starting during week 3. People who qualify for 1:1 will be emailed a scheduling link in which they can choose the time and date that suits them best. You will have one session and another the following month.

Once you click any of the buttons, you will be directed to the cart page where you will complete your details and set your course password (hold on to this). Your username will be the email address you use to register for the program. After you complete your payment, check your email. You should receive an email with a link to join the private Facebook group. Request access. The login link to the course material will be emailed to you within the following week.

Plus You Will Receive These Bonuses Valued At $2,546 Just For Joining!!

Service Starter Kit ($50 Value)

The Service Starter Kit is your arsenal of documents created to protect your ass. Inside you will find the Terms And Conditions, Client Agreement Form, Discovery Call Template, Welcome Package, and Prospect Tracking Worksheet. And as bonuses, you’ll also receive my Pre and Post Session Forms so that you can make the most of your client’s experience with you.

2 Private Coaching Sessions ($499 Value)

Each month for the duration of the program, you and I will spend 45 value packed minutes together where I’ll be able to give you my insight on the direction you’re taking your brand and to answer any questions you may have.

Private Facebook Groups, Live Streams, And Office Hours ($1,997 Value)

As soon as you join Clueless To Influence, you’ll be able to access our private Facebook group where you are free to ask your questions and interact with the other community members. I will be hosting live streams that are exclusive to the group only. Every Wednesday we will gather together on a live stream for office hours so that you can get additional support.

Total Value Of Bonuses: $2,546

When does the program start and finish?

 Clueless To Influence will start August 13, 2017 and end October 7, 2017

How long do I have access to Clueless To Influence?

Foreva *In my Cardi B voice*. Seriously, you will have lifetime access to this program, the bonuses, and any additional content that is added to the program in the future.

What if it's not working for me?

Are you working for it? No really, that’s what I’ll ask, cause if you’re not giving it 100% then of course it’s not going to work for you. If you invest in the program and you feel that it is not delivering up to your expectations, contact my team within 7 days of your purchase via the support email provided to you in your welcome email (and provide us with your completed work) and you’ll receive a full refund.

When Can I Expect Results?

Honestly, everyone is expecting a different personal result. I believe that you will begin to see a shift within yourself after completing the program pre work.

When Does Registration Close?


Registration for Clueless To Influence will close Friday, August 11, 2017 at 8 pm est.


This sounds like a great program! Why is the cost so low?


Trust me, I thought about charging $497 for this program (and I just may in the future). I want to give everyone the opportunity to join this program. I know what’s like to want a program, but there’s a deadline and I couldn’t get the money fast enough to join it. It fucking sucks. If you want to join us and you don’t, you can’t blame your pockets, only yourself.