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add magic to your craft and  Become a masterful coach that creates transformational experiences and results for your clients

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get certified in 5 modalities

Upon completion of this program, you will receive 6 Internationally Recognized Certifications in the following modalities:  

Life & Success Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, EFT, Practitioner, T.I.M.E Techniques Practitioner

What Is This?

When you join the Sovereign Ascension Practitioner Certification™, you’ll embark on the journey of learning the powerful art of coaching, how to work with the conscious and subconscious minds to create everlasting transformation, and creating a business that truly aligns with your soul.

It’s time for you to ascend your throne and claim all that you want and desire. The biggest goal through Sovereign Ascension™ is to provide you with the tools, techniques, practices, and exercises that will help you lead your clients to reigning supreme in life and business.

Queen, The Power Is Already Within You

Sovereign (adj) - possessing ultimate power

Ascension (noun) - the act of rising to a higher level

Sovereign Ascension combines a mixture of spirituality and science to create a decoction so potent, it literally changes you at a cellular level.

Sovereign Ascension

you put your headphones on and open up the zoom room. the anticipation is so strong in your stomach. you begin wondering if your client is going to show up *again* having not done her homework. you hear the ding and see your client appear. despite the look on your clients face, you try to sound cheerful and say "Hey! How are you? how did it go with your homework?"

And as you suspected, she didn't do it. immediately you begin to question if you're even good at coaching and if you've just been fooling yourself this whole time. 

you're feeling like a fraud because you're struggling to coach your clients that aren't even doing the work...

you're making sure to post daily on instagram, write your emails, show up on stories, write a blog post a week, and so much more. and if you're being honest, you're tired of doing all of it. 

but you think that you need to do all of this in order to get clients and grow your business. even though every day you're seeing that one woman that breaks all the rules and is making all le monies. you think to yourself "if only i was special like her, i could do whatever i want and still have the money flow to me."

you're following all the strategies and systems and still aren't seeing results...

you scroll through FB and stop on an image of a woman looking so blissful; so happy. you begin reading the caption, "OMG i'm so freaking excited! I've crossed $50k in cash this month 🙌🏾 I couldn't have done this without my coach!!"

slowly you begin to feel envious, wondering why you aren't having results like this no matter how many coaches you work with.

You're working with coach after coach hoping one will finally have the magic success pill for you...

you are past ready to fully step into your power as a masterful coach, not just for your clients, but for yourself as well. 

The 4 practices of a masterful coach



Our thoughts become our beliefs, and our beliefs become our reality. In order to start facilitating change on the subconscious level, we must become aware of the scripts that are running.



It is not uncommon to feel totally motivated about a goal and then go down the rabbit hole of limiting beliefs. To stay the course, we can take these harmful thoughts and recode them into empowering ones.



Change isn’t always easy. However, when you take the incremental steps towards your next level, you do so without falling victim to your self sabotaging behaviors.



When you can look within to your inner wisdom and source your own answers, you are leading yourself. And when you teach your clients to do the same, you set them up for success, for life. 

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Being able to release things like negative emotions, limiting decisions, and anxiety are so much easier, especially when you don’t have to actually talk about the past situations that lead to these emotions. With T.I.M.E Techniques, you can go into the past to heal from situations and go out into the future to place the achievement of your goals so that it’s a done deal.

T.I.M.E Techniques

There are two super dope ways to use hypnosis to help you and your clients quantum leap to success - through conversation and imagination. The techniques used for hypnosis connect directly to the subconscious mind, allowing for empowering, positive, and motivating suggestions to be planted in place of the negative beliefs that cause self sabotaging patterns.


EFT is a potent and simple technique used to remove disempowering limiting beliefs, release fears and negative emotions, and restore an energetic balance to the body.

Emotional Freedom Techniques

Understand what your role is exactly as a coach is (hint: it’s not telling your clients what to do). You’ll learn how to create super dope and deep transformation for yourself and your clients in ways that feel so good and expansive.

life & success coaching

NLP is how we’re able to use the language of our mind to consistently achieve the results we want. Through the use of various techniques and practices, we are able to control our emotional being, how we act and behave, change our beliefs, and so much more.

neuro-linguistic programming

Throughout this 8 month certification experience, you will be certified in the following modalities:

Certification Overview

I met Quiana last year when we were enrolled in a certification program together and I knew instantly that I needed to experience her MAGIC.

Talking with Quiana every week has allowed me to welcome challenging questions and unlock answers within me that I never even knew were there. I have been able to see the big picture with my business but also see all the small incredible details that make the business flow and run successfully. With guidance from Quiana's depth and breadth of knowledge in the online coaching industry and her experience building multi-seven figure businesses she has given me an invaluable experience which has allowed me to access the parts of me that has allowed me to build a business beyond my wildest dreams! I am so beyond grateful for Quiana and anyone who invests with her is sure to experience growth beyond measure! Thank you so much for helping me get to this level of success! I LOVE YOU

Amanda Jyll


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WHILE THE TOTAL VALUE EXCEEDS $32,142 YOU CAN JOIN for a tiny fraction of the price

TOTAL VALUE: $32,142

Guest Expert Trainings from industry leaders that specialize in business growth through the lens of spirituality, intuition, and science

5 Day Virtual Retreat to deepen your understanding of the modalities you’re learning and to come together as a community to facilitate new learnings with each other

Orientation Module that you will get immediate access to that will allow you to start experiencing the power of the modalities that you will be certified in

Social Media Proclamations to help you stake your claim as a Masterful Coach and build your authority while building your business

Embodiment Library with access to EFT scripts, hypnosis scripts, and embodiment practices to use on yourself and with clients

Private Facebook Community to get love and support on your business and personal life so that you can continue moving forward with confidence

Curriculum Calls for you to be able to ask questions about the certification material and gain the clairity you need to be competent

Mastery Practice Calls to help you practice the craft of the modality that you are learning so that you are that much more confident in facilitating it with clients

Monthly Business Strategy Calls to support you with what you’re currently creating and any obstacles that are coming up

HERE’S WHAT YOU’LL GET ACCESS TO WHEN YOU say yes to this experience!

Brand, Content Marketing, & Influence Strategist

Falyn Satterfield

Quiana — where do I even start?
She is one of the most real and phenomenal people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Not only is she incredible as a coach, but as a person as well.
She has a special gift: the ability to see your blind spots, in life and business, and from there WILL help you get back on track with the top tier mindset and energy you need to achieve & align with your goals.
Just from knowing Quiana and being in her sphere, I’ve been able to realize fast up levels in business and in my personal life with her support and shifts. I love you Quiana! — and if you work with her, I know you will too 😋

some of what you'll learn

But most definitely not limited to...

- Releasing Anxiety
- Releasing Limiting Decisions
- Putting a Goal into Your Future
- History of Hypnosis
- Hypnotic Patterns
- Patterns of Conversational Hypnosis
- Suggestibility Tests

- Dissociative Technique (Phobia Model)
- Family Therapy Model - Overview
- How EFT Works
- Discovering the Timeline
- Discovering the Root Cause
- Releasing Negative Emotions

- Conversational Hypnosis Patterns
- The Power of Metaphors
- Therapeutic Questioning - The Meta Model
- Keys to Well-Formed Strategies
- Strategy Design and Installation
- Six-Step Reframe

- The Structure of Persuasion
- The 3 C’s of Coaching
- The Learning State
- The Presuppositions of NLP
-Prime Directives of the Unconscious Mind
- Swish Pattern
- Handling Abreactions

-Anchoring (Collapsing, Chaining, Stacking)
- Self-sabotage
- Resistance
- Listening skills
- Powerful questioning
- Truth reflecting
- Pattern interrupts
- Masterful Language Patterns

-Identity Scripts
- Recoding Process
- Formula For Success
- Achievable Outcomes
- Sensory acuity skills
- Communication Model
- The 5 Stages of Learning
- The Layers Of The Mind
-Parts Integration 
-Hypnotic Inductions

is this for you?

You didn’t start your business to play small and not impact the world. 
I can bet that when you started your business, you said “I want to be able to help people.” And hey, we love a catalyst world changer! Helping others will always require you to help yourself too. 

Doing the inner and outer work so that you can be a true walking embodiment of what you preach. 
This certification is not meant to be another notch under your belt, an ego booster. But rather the place where you start making all of your wildest fantasies come true, while helping your clients to do the same.

Really taking your clients to their next level means you rising to yours.

allow yourself to ascend powerfully into the Sovereign Queen you know you’re meant to be, then this is for you.

You’re ready to go all in with your coaching business and to step into your next level so that you can create true transformation for yourself and your clients.

You’re a new coach that wants to fold time and create a fulfilling business your way, on your terms.

You’re a strategist or consultant that wants to help your clients go deeper and help them blast through the limiting beliefs and self sabotaging behaviors that are stopping them from doing the work

$497 Value

special curated gift box 

Enjoy some goodies that will assist you with your embodiment practices. Each item is specially selected to bring in more abundance, prosperity, peace, and organization. 

$997 Value

This intensive experience will leave you feeling sparkly (or so my clients have said).  We'll work towards ditching the top 5 disempowering emotions and installing a new empowering identity.

queen connection -pay in full only

$1200 Value

Begin to experience the magic of the modalities that you'll be certified in, in very practical ways. You'll start to shift in every area of life and step into your next level while folding time to achieving your goals. 

Orientation Module

$2000 Value

You know you have so much amazingness to share with the world! Whether you want to use YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook, you can create videos that really show your audience that you are that bish at what you do. 

video boss

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I'm an Intuitive Transformational Strategist. I help female entrepreneurs create unshakable confidence in themselves and their business, design content that pierces their clients souls, and make them a magnet for abundance. Through empowering them, they get to connect with their inner queen so that they create the life and business that aligns with their soul.

Sovereign Ascension

Hey Queen!
I'm quiana laché

What I love about working with Quiana is that she does not hold space for pointless moaning. If I have a problem, she walks through it with me (kicking my ass along the way) she does not leave me to wallow, hand me some coachy fluff or give me generic advice.

Quiana really is the whole, magnificent package. She has a wicked strategic brain based on her years and years of experience but she is also a powerful and transformative coach tapped into true magic.

She really is my go to, and I would not have been able to shake up my business without her!

Daire Paddy

Brain + Biz Coach

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