Stepping into Your Next Level: Embodying the Queen Within

We’re diving deep into the empowering journey of stepping into your next-level self. If you’ve ever felt stuck in life or your business, wondering what to do next, this is for you. It’s not just about strategies; it’s about evolving into the best version of yourself. Let’s explore the path to unlock the greatness within you.

Becoming Your Best Self: A Mental Shift

Transformation begins from within, and it’s not just about external actions. To step into your next level, you need to take responsibility for your thoughts, actions, perceptions, and beliefs. It’s all about a mental shift, and this is where the magic happens.

The Be-Do-Have Model: A Paradigm Shift

Most people follow the “Have-Do-Be” model, where they believe they must possess something first, then take action, and only then can they be the person they want to become. However, we’re flipping the script here. Let’s consider the “Be-Do-Have” model.

Understanding the Be-Do-Have Model

Imagine you want to achieve 5K months and work with a mentor like Quiana to become a super successful leader. In the traditional model, you’d think: Have (5K months) > Do (work with Quiana) > Be (a super successful leader).

Embracing the Be-Do-Have Approach

Now, let’s turn it around. Before you attain your 5K months (Have), you first declare, “I am already a super successful leader” (Be). This shift in belief is powerful. Then, you take action and decide to work with Quiana (Do) to make your affirmation a reality.

You Are Worthy Right Now

The key message here is that you are worthy right now. Your worth isn’t determined by external achievements or possessions. You are worthy simply because you are. Embrace this belief, and you’ll see how it transforms your journey.

Practicing What You Believe: A Simple Exercise

To start embodying your next-level self, create a “Be-Living List.” This is a fusion of your beliefs and how you’ll live them out. Let’s take an example from Quiana herself:

Belief: “My work is of high value, service, and worthy of compensation.”

Living it out:

  • Confidently posting offers.
  • Sharing your worth in videos.
  • Pitching divine-inspired ideas.
  • Holding firm on your prices.

Make Your Transformation Last with Self-Hypnosis

To reinforce this transformation, consider trying self-hypnosis. Quiana offers a powerful Next Level Self-Hypnosis session that can imprint your subconscious with your new beliefs. Listening to it daily can leave you feeling inspired, energized, and ready to tackle anything.

Join the World Quarters: Your Path to Personal Growth

Don’t forget to check out the World Quarters, Quiana’s free membership. It’s a treasure trove of resources for breaking through limiting beliefs, conquering self-sabotaging behaviors, and reprogramming your subconscious. It’s a magical space designed just for you.


Thank you for spending your valuable time here with me. Remember, the journey to your next-level self is about inner transformation. Embrace the “Be-Do-Have” model, understand your worth right now, and practice your beliefs through your “Be-Living List.” With these tools, you’re well on your way to stepping into your best self.

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