Looking for goal setting 2020 advice? The goal setting motivation that you’ll get from this smart goals quick overview is going to help you if you’re wanting to know how to achieve your goals. You may already know how to create smart goals, but if you want how to achieve your most ambitious goals and the traditional way of doing SMART GOALS isn’t working then this new way will help.

Today we are talking all about why you’re struggling to hit your goals even though you are setting SMART goals.

SMART goals is a very strategic, popular method of goal-setting and most people swear by it, however I have found myself coming across quite a few people who implement the SMART goal method and are still struggling to hit their goals.

So what your girl is going to do today is give you a different way of doing SMART goals. We’re gonna sprinkle the mindset stuff up in there that’s going to actually help your subconscious mind get on board with helping you to achieve your goals.

What a lot of people fail to realize is that while we try to focus on our goals consciously, our subconscious mind really is running this show.

If we really think about it, we would all be able to achieve our goals if not for our infamous beautiful reptilian brain, the brain that is fight or flight.

This is the brain that is like, “we’ve never done this before and I want you to be safe so we’re staying far away from whatever the fuck this is that you’re trying to do right here right now.”

No worries because with these little sprinkle and tweaks in regards to SMART goals, you’re going to be able to help get your subconscious mind on board so that way you can stop self sabotaging yourself and actually go and achieve your goals.

Let us go ahead and revisit traditionally what SMART goals are.

SMART goals are:

  • specific which means we are figuring out exactly what it is that we’re wanting to achieve
  • measurable okay how are we going to create an indicator of our progress
  • achievable is this something that someone else has done
  • realistic that speaks for itself
  • and is it timely are we setting a start date and I’ll be setting a deadline date

All of these things around the smart goal really focus on what the conscious mind is able to do, which is fine. We want to have both the unconscious mind and the conscious mind working together to help us get to the finish line.

Now I’m going to share with you a little different variation of SMART goals that’s really going to help you propel forward in achieving the goals.

For “S” we want to actually see ourselves in the picture. When we envision what it is like to achieve the goal we don’t want to be really envisioning it from our visual perspective because this is called fantasizing and your subconscious mind cannot tell the difference between fantasizing and what is real.

What you really want to do is see yourself achieving the goal as if you are an outsider just looking, being nosey and seeing yourself achieving the goal.

For “M”, is it meaningful to you? I cannot tell you the number of people that actually have goals that don’t really mean anything. They just think that it’s something that they have to do or that they should do, but if there is no love behind it, no passion, and if it’s not meaningful to you, are you really going to go the extra mile to achieve your goal?

I mean that’s really a rhetorical question. We both know the answer.

“A” is for aim for the moon boo. Aim for the moon because even if you miss you will land amongst the stars. Here’s the thing, you can have a goal and it’s okay to stretch.

As a coach it is my job to get you to stretch, because oftentimes we can set goals that may be easy for us to achieve, but that stretch scares us a little bit. There’s no reason to be fearful of it because that’s our reptilian brain trying to keep us safe. We’ve set goals before and we didn’t achieve them and we felt bad, so our subconscious mind is like, “yeah I know we’re not gonna do that again. I don’t ever want you to feel like that. I’m here to protect you. I love you.”

Aiming for the moon can be such a beautiful thing. Let’s put this into an example. Let’s say you are launching a program and you originally want five people in this program. And let’s just say you were working with Quiana 😉 and we’re like no, we’re gonna aim for the moon and double that goal to ten.

Let’s say you don’t hit the goal of ten, but you enrolled seven people into your program. Did you not exceed the original goal?

You may not have landed on the moon but you sure as hell landed amongst the stars and it’s a good feeling.

We want to celebrate all of these successes as they’re coming to us even if we don’t achieve these very specific things that we were looking to achieve.

“R” is for resources and usually when people are talking about SMART goals they usually reference external resources. But what are the internal resources that you also have?

You’re smart. You’re knowledgeable. You know things. You have an inner wisdom and you want to be able to tap into that.

A great example of this is, last week I had an idea to launch a course. I did not follow what everyone in the industry says you have to do. I didn’t do a sales page the way everyone says you have to do it. I didn’t market the way everyone says you have to. I didn’t do a sales video the way “industry experts” say you have to do it.

I did, however, tap into my inner resources. I know that I personality. I know how to edit videos. And I thought outside of the box.

I put together a course in just three hours and was making sales by the end of the day.

I want you to make sure that you are tapping into your internal resources as well as your external ones.

“T” stands for towards what you want. I know that a lot of times, people are trying to make changes and they’re setting goals based on what they want to change in a negative sense.

For example, if you’re wanting to lose weight, you may go on a diet. “Nobody” wants to go on a diet. “Nobody” wants to restrict themselves from eating the things that they love.

The reason people go on a diet is because they have this negative feeling usually around their body.

Let’s say we looked at it like, “I love my body and so I want my body to be the best version of it that it can be. I want to be healthy. I want to have more stamina. I want to have a healthier blood pressure.”

We want to try to state our goals in the positive, not the negative. We’re not going to get on board with the negative. Even if your whole thing is, “I’m fat and I want to lose weight,” because that’s just the goal and there’s a negative feeling around it.

You may lose the weight. You may do what you gotta do to lose the weight. But once you get there, you’re not going to keep going and you’re not going to maintain it. This is how people end up yo-yoing. Weight is up and then weight is down, because you’re not focused on the goal being in the positive, towards what they want. You’re trying to get away from it. You want to move towards it.

I hope you enjoyed this little sprinkle and twist on SMART goals.

If you’re ready to go deeper and make your goals SMARTER so that you can set your audacious goals and achieve them with more ease, then it’s time to take yourself through the Brain Magic Mastery intensive.

Why Your Smart Goals Don’t Work

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